IV Nutritional Therapy Treatment

The human body needs at least 30 vitamins, minerals and amino acids a day to keep it healthy, however, only 10% of vitamins and minerals administered by pills or food are absorbed into our bloodstream.

IV Nutritional Therapy or IVNT is a minimally-invasive but highly effective way of administering vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and/or amino acids directly into the bloodstream, helping to promote long-term wellbeing.

This intravenous treatment allows for 100% absorption of vitamins and minerals, helping to support a healthy lifestyle from within.

All of our INVT treatments are administered under the authorisation of a prescribing physician will only be carried out after a full health assessment and pre-treatment consultation.

Everyone is different and each of our infusions is tailored to the individual. Call now and book your consultation to discuss your options.

We offer a range of INVT infusions to suit your needs, including Fat Burning and Skin Lightening Infusions, as well as Vitamin Boosters.

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